You Are Here 1: Alone Together

Visitor numbers at the Tourist Information Centre in Milden have reached a new low. The Council is talking ominously about alternative delivery models  to save money and Martin, Gail and Adrian are worried about their jobs.  It's time for a big idea, before our three intrepid tourist information advisers  are moved to a chilly portacabin, or worse. 

4 comments on “You Are Here 1: Alone Together

  1. Gregg Hammond says:

    Enjoyed this, very unique idea. Think I could discern the voices of Sheila, Richard and Laughton ?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Gregg, thanks for the shout out from Oceania, keep spreading the word.

  2. Tess Sanford says:

    That was fun! Thought I could see where it was going – and then laughed at the twist?

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for the lovely feedback Tess, we had a lot of fun making the podcast. Great to know it’s raising some laughs

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