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You Are Here 6: Forty Eight Hours Later

Forty eight hours after the party, Gail calls Adrian out, Adrian backtracks, and Martin has an announcement to make...

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You Are Here 5: The “Do”

Gail and Lou have been making (and sampling) wine. Margaret has been secretly arranging a  party for Martin's 60th...

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You Are Here 4: Grape Expectations

Gail and and her best friend “Gravelly Lou” sample the wine they have been making in Gail's shed. The...

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You Are Here 3: On the Road

Gail and Martin take a lift in Adrian's campervan.  They have an important meeting to go to where they...

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You Are Here 2: Waiting for Grockle

Vivian Mercier wrote in the Irish Times in 1956 that Samuel Beckett had “written a play in which nothing...

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You Are Here 1: Alone Together

Visitor numbers at the Tourist Information Centre in Milden have reached a new low. The Council is talking ominously...

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