About Us

“You are here” was recorded live, in various living rooms, over several months. Many biscuits were consumed in the making of this show. Like all the best ideas and some ideas that are best forgotten, this story began in a pub.

Original Theme music by Richard Embleton. This music incorporates loops from SessionBand.

Additional Music by Scott Buckley www.scottbuckley.com.au

Richard would like to thank QM Studios for the loan of microphones when he forgot to pack his own.

SFX from Freesound.org.

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Laughton Fox

Laughton plays the lovely cardigan-wearing Martin.  He also wrote most of the scripts. He has now taken up the role of writer in residence at his local cafe. He is still hoping for a free coffee.

Sheila Shore

Sheila plays Gail, the calm and unflappable font of all knowledge (and occasional gossip) in Milden. Sheila also writes for a living and provided the script for episode three.

Richard Embleton

Richard Embleton plays the snarky and slightly annoying Adrian. Richard also doubled up as sound editor and producer, which took a lot longer than he thought it would.

Linda Milnrow

Linda plays “Gravelly Lou”, Gail’s  forthright,  fearless and  sex positive friend. When she is not adjudicating at County Shows, Linda enjoys writing historical non-fiction and making marmalade.